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Objavljeno prvo alpha izdanje Mandrive 2012

PostPostano: 19 ruj 2012, 11:06
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Objavio Per Øyvind Karlsen:
Hi, as many of you might already be aware of, our first Mandriva Linux 2012 alpha,
has been ready for release for almost a week now, yet it only made it's way to the
public mirrors today, so with that I declare it as officially released!

Some of the highlights since the previous release Mandriva Linux 2012 Tech Preview (Bernie Lomax;) includes:
* Faster, smaller & much improved installer
* Installer text mode is now working again
* A slimmer, much improved and fixed rescue mode
* Dual arch CD iso image has been much improved with a more complete set of papckages
filling it and also LXDE now shipped with it and installed by default
* Swith to linaro's gcc 4.7 branch has been completed
* HAL has finally been put to rest for good
* KDE 4.9.0
* We're still not dead!
* fons of other updates packages and bug fixes
(...) ... 00031.html

We're still not dead!


Detaljniji planovi o daljnjem (čitaj: ovogodišnjem) razvoju se mogu vidjeti ovdje: ... evelopment

Prvo službeno izdanje je najavljeno za 16.11.2012. Živi bili pa vidjeli!