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Diskusije o raznim Linux distribucijama.

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An Ubuntu with a lot of software pre-added

Ultimate Edition is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with the following software pre-added.

Developer comments

Due to the popularity of Christmas Edition (~15,000 downloads in 2 weeks). I have decided to make another distro I'm calling "Ultimate Edition" it has everything listed in the Christmas Edition plus much more. I have however removed Java, Flash and Acrobat reader due to licensing agreements. Please freat not included in the release is my custom repo which contains all the software and much more. Firefox's homepage will give a detailed description on obtaining all additional software from the repo.

Here are some key features of "Ultimate Edition":

· New theme / splash screen / wallpaper
· VCD Gear debian style
· Subversion & build tools
· Wireless Internet integration
· Bluetooth integration
· PPP integration
· Networking tools
· 35 Additional fonts
· Tons more themes
· Repository driven Beryl
· New sounds theme
· Integrated Custom repository support
· All current Updates 158 at time of posting
· IPod support
· Beagle
· Gramps - Genealogy software (thanks poweruser2600)
· Legends - Video Game
· Kapote - Instant Messenger
· Integrated codecs (the good the bad & the ugly)
· Mplayer, VLC, Songbird & Amarok players with mp3 support
· Mencoder, K9Copy, DeVeDE, DVD Shrink - dvd copying software.
· Integrated Nvidia drivers (will work with other cards)
· Automatix 2 & Automatix Bleeder (in case you want additional software)
· Gaim beta 5 & plugins
· GFTP - FTP Client
· KVIrc - IRC Client
· Additional Themes, icons, cursors & logins
· XSnow
· Samba
· EasyTag - MP3 Tag Editor
· GDesklets
· Inkscape - 2D vector drawing
· Screem - HTML Editor
· Gambas - Programing environment
· QEMU & Kqemu Accelerator - Emulation
· Screem - HTML Editor
· Avidemux - Avi (divx /xvid) editor
· GDesklets - Eyecandy & info
· NTFS read / write support
· Lamp - web server (Apache2, mysql, PHP5)
· phpmyadmin
· Azureus - P2P software
· MS core Font's and extra fonts
· Wine - Windows emulation (always newest version - through repo)
· Alien - Allows installation of foriegn packages (RPM, suse etc)
· Gobby Team programing software
· Ksnapshot - Screen capture software
· Google Picasa - Graphic editing software
· Frostwire Pro - P2P software
· Kolourpaint - Graphic editing software
· Qcad - Autocad wannabe
· Archive Suite - virtually any archive can be handled.
· Ajunta IDE - Programing environment
· Bluefish - HTML Editor
· Glade - Interface designer
· Gtranslator
· Bit Tornado - P2P Software
· Amule - P2P software
· Kino - Flick editor
· Audacity - Sound editor
· Debian Menu (pdmenu)
· Dvdrip - Dvd ripping software
· Democracy Player
· Listen Media Manager
· Steamripper
· Ilinux (banshee)
· Gnucash - Financial software
· Aria - Download manager
· Build Essentials and make utility's
· Quanta Plus and extras - HTML Editor
· Graveman - burning software
· New Grub splash screen and animated "very pretty" boot up screen
· Bum - Boot-up manager
· Sum - Startup manager (newer improved version gtk and terminal based)
· Istanbul - Live screen capture
· Ghex - Hex editor
· Gourmet - Recipe manager
· Isomaster - CD / DVD ISO editor
· GPHPEdit - PHP Editor
· Kino - Clip editor
· Aria - Download manager
· Democracy - Movie streamer
· ClamAV - Anti-virus software
· Listen - Media manager
· DVD|RIP - Dvd ripping software
· Lifrea - RSS feed reader
· Brasero - Disc burning tool
· X-Chat - IRC Client
· QDVDAuthor - DVD authoring software

· Furthermore additional software such as Flash, Java, Acrobat Reader and Google Earth among others can be added using our integrated custom repo.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

What is Ultimate Edition 2.7? Ultimate Edition was built off Ultimate Edition 2.6 (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04). Major difference being that is has been fully updated / upgraded and has the following environments, user selectable at the login screen:

· Gnome
· Openbox

· I am not going to do a huge write up on this O/S, I am sure it will be downloaded more then Ultimate Edition 2.6 was. I have said in the past, I am not a KDE man it looks too much like that "Other O/S" ;) I will return to Ultimate Edition 2.6. That does not mean our users are not interested in exploring / using these environments.

· I have included a Conky script I wrote that will generate as per each computer. The results of running the Conky script can be seen at the right. This script will be in your home folder when installed (your choice to run it or not). The script is commented if you wish to learn.

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Det hindrar inte att vi säkrar framtiden!
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nisam nikad shvatil bit ultimate edition i super os
odin je napisao/la:nisam nikad shvatil bit ultimate edition i super os

a ono, za totalne pocetnike koji ne znaju nista instalirati i koji bi poceli instalirati EXE datoteke, dobro je da imaju hrpu predinstaliranih stvari....
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odin je napisao/la:nisam nikad shvatil bit ultimate edition i super os

Meni je to odlična stvar jer ima hrpa paketa na jednom mjestu, i puno brže instaliraš nekaj sa DVD-a nego da ideš skidati sa neta (pogotovo kod nas kad su brzine takve kakve jesu).

Ako postoji i CD i DVD verzija uvijek odaberem DVD, tak da mogu čim više toga u kompletu instalirati.
Da koristim Debian imal bih pri ruci svih 5-6 DVD-ova :)

Jedino je malo sjebano radi updateova onda opet treba vući pakete sa neta...
per aspera ad astra iliti kroz gužvu do šanka...
In a world without walls and fences who needs Windows and Gates?
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