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· Linux kernel;
· Pacman 3.3.3-5;
· Glibc 2.11.1-3;
· The ISO images can now be written on CD or USB media;
· XZ compression is now used for more than half of included packages;
· Dual ISO images are now available (for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures);
· The Live CD now uses the isolinux bootloader for the boot process, exclusively;
· Memtest was updated;
· PXE booting is now supported;
· Added wpa_supplicant;
· Virtio is now supported;
· You can now choose the blockdevice representation (uuid/label/devicefile) in the installer;
· The UI library was split into a separate libui-sh project;
· AIF installer supports virtio blockdevices;
· AIF installer allows users to specify extra custom arguments for mkfs and similar tools;
· Fixed many other annoying bugs, especially in the AIF installer;
· Updated the official installation guide.

Tu je i novi dual-boot iso koji sadrži i 32bit i 64bit verziju.
Nosonja - distribucija za početnike, bazirana na Arch Linuxu.
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