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News: New install medium 2012.09.07

2012-09-08 - Pierre Schmitz

As is customary by now there is a new install medium available at the beginning of this month. The live system can be downloaded from Download and be used for new installs or as a rescue system.

In addition to a couple of updated packages and bug fixes the following changes stand out:

  • First medium with Linux 3.5 (3.5.3)
  • The script boot parameter works again (FS#31022)
  • When booting via PXE and NFS or NBD the ISO will be copied to RAM to ensure a more stable usage.
  • The live medium contains usb_modeswitch and wvdial which e.g. allows to establish a network connection using an UMTS USB dongle
  • Furthermore the newest versions of initscripts, systemd and netcfg are included. ... -20120907/
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Installirao sam ga po uputstvu ali nije proslo najbolje problem se javlja kada mi dize udev

waiting for udev uevents to be processed [busy]

i samo tako stoji...

posle par rucnih restarta, kada se dize arch monitor mi treperi tj. menja iz analognog u digitalni mod...

Evo i rc.conf

# /etc/rc.conf - configuration file for initscripts
# Most of rc.conf has been replaced by various other configuration
# files. See archlinux(7) for details.
# For more details on rc.conf see rc.conf(5).

DAEMONS=(dbus syslog-ng network crond alsa lxdm)

# Storage
# USELVM="no"

# Network
# interface=
# address=
# netmask=
# gateway=
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